Rank and File is a script that extends the functionality of Adobe Bridge, the new File Browser in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

To learn how to install and use Rank and File, go to the FAQ.

Rank and File Can write the Star Ratings into the IPTC keywords of an image file, so that other programs can see and use this valuable information. Read more.

Rank and File can write the Labels into either the Keywords, Headline, Title, or Description fields. This lets you use the Labels field to group images together to assign a common headline at one time. It also makes the Labels visible by other applications. Read more.

Rank and File can help you deal with the "white label" issue in Bridge. If the embedded Label name does not match the computer's current Label value, then it turns white. Rank and File can extract this older Label, store it safely in keywords, and reset the Label to "no value". Read More

Rank and File can add a prefix to these annotations (e.g.: Peter's Ratings) so that you can keep track of where the embedded Labels and Ratings came from. Read more.

Rank and File can clear the Ratings and Labels after embedding the information into the IPTC fields, so that other users can start with a clean slate, but still have access to the previous Ratings and Labels. Read more.

Rank and File can Reverse the embedding process so that you can recover your Ratings and Labels in case you accidentally change them. This is also helpful if multiple users will be rating the files. Each user can automatically save and clear the other user's ratings, and simultaneously restore their own ratings. Read more.

Rank and File can transfer the Label Ratings in to the IPTC Urgency Field so that iView MediaPro's labels correspond to the ones you apply in Bridge. Read more.