Digital Photographic Links

DAM Useful Software (Plug-ins for Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop CS2)
The DAM Book (Digital Asset Management for Photographers)
Russell Brown (Great tips on how to use Photoshop)

How to Buy iView MediaPro for a 15% Discount
PhotoshopNews (the best resource for Photoshop information)
Musarium (a great site for editorial and documentary photography and video)
Stuff I have for Sale
My Photos on National (Halloween)
Copyright Statement
Darren Higgins Photography
The Stereo Manifesto (The history, physics, biology, and psychology of vision and spatial perception, and its effect on mind and culture. You will exercise your brain on this one.)

Photography Tech Stuff
Large Format Lens Comparison Chart. VERY Thorough
Rob Monaghan's HUGE site of camera related links (Extensive Make and Model info.)
Digital Dog (Wondering how to Color sync that Mac?)
Ed Romney's Camera Repair Site (He has written many camera repair manuals over the last 50 years)
Ted (an interesting perspective on PhotoCD)

Photography Business Stuff
How to copyright your work
ASMP Capital Region (Join us)
The Freelens Manifesto (These French guys hit the nail on the head. Rise up, brothers and sisters.)
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
editorial photographers (ep)

Computer Tech Stuff
DSL reports (Check your connection speed, and other utilities)

Realtime Satellite Animation (courtesy of

Krogh-Approved Vendors (Great used photo gear at great prices)
B&H Photo (New York's Premier Photography Equipment Shop)
Lens And Repro (Great Used Equipment, particularly Large Format, very Knowledgeable)
Reel 3D Enterprises (Products for Stereo Photography)
Thomas Distributing (NIMH AA batteries- Great for Cameras, Flash etc. Replace all your alkaline AA batteries now)
Other World Computing (Macintosh Shop, Check the Specials) (Not a vendor, but a price comparison service)

Interesting Useless Stuff
Herve Villachaise's Pimpadelic Wonderland
Jason King's Groovy Pad

Search Engines Went Here ( A great place to find information about anything)
Google (My current favorite Search Engine)

VW Vanagon Stuff (A whole page of da bus) (THE site for Vanagon and Eurovan owners)
The Westfalia Owners Web Site
The Bus Depot (A great site for VW bus and Vanagon parts)
The Stretch Vanagon (So you think I have a VW Problem. Check out this guy.)
VW vs. Volvo (Sorry Volvo)

Cravin Dogs (Caldwell Gray, John Penovich, et al)

Other Links
Abbreviation Directory
Web Hosting with VhostU (My Host. Reliable Server and Low Prices)
The Washington City Paper Washington's First Online Community

Haunted America (Nationwide index of Haunted Attractions)